Baylor University Medical Ethics Discussion Society is a pre-health organization dedicated to promoting the knowledge of medical ethics and humanities, along with spiritual growth and service within the pre-health community at Baylor.  

We welcome students from all pre-health designations and encourage the discussion of medical ethics throughout all health fields. We are a family, and we strive to cultivate a sense of community with each and every member we gain each year.

We have six core categories within our organization that all of our events adhere to:
discussions, service, speakers, socials, fundraisers, and mentoring. All members are offered opportunities to participate in events within each category to grow their knowledge and understanding of medical ethics and

sense of community. 
We hold weekly meetings which take place on Thursday evenings in the Baylor Sciences Building (BSB). The time is usually from 7:00-8:00pm but it is subject to change depending on room availability and the schedules of our speakers. We typically hold 3 to 4 speaker meetings throughout the semester where we bring in professors, physicians, and other medical professionals to speak on their experiences with ethical dilemmas. The rest of our Thursday meetings are discussion meetings. At these discussions a member of our Discussion Committee introduces a relevant topic in medical ethics and members have the opportunity to think about their position on contentious issues and what they might do as medical professionals in such situations. 
Throughout the semester we offer members several different opportunities for service, including volunteering at Mission Waco, Mosaic, Caritas Food Pantry, and Bluebonnet Hospice. Each opportunity is on a different day at a different time to allow members to work it into their busy schedules. We value the impact that participating in service has on members and every member is encouraged to find a service opportunity they enjoy and stick with it throughout the semester.
We work closely with local businesses and the university to put on a variety of socials and fundraisers to benefits our members throughout the semester. All fundraiser proceeds go toward our philanthropies at the end of each year. Socials are an excellent way to get to know the officers and other members. Members are highly encouraged to participate in both socials and fundraisers because they not only benefit our organization but also our philanthropies as well as the members themselves. 
One of the most important purposes this organization serves is to guide members on their way to graduation and beyond. Our officers are always available to give advice on a variety of issues our members may face including mental health, applying to graduate schools, shadowing, and more. We also offer select workshops during the semester to cultivate important skills including interview skills and etiquette and how to prepare a resume and cv. Our members are our family and we strive to ensure they are academically successful, mentally healthy, and well-prepared for what comes after graduation.