Baylor University Medical Ethics Discussion Society is a pre-health organization dedicated to promoting the knowledge of medical ethics and humanities, along with spiritual growth and service within the pre-health community at Baylor.  

We welcome students from all pre-health designations and encourage the discussion of medical ethics throughout all health fields. We are a family, and we strive to cultivate a sense of community with each and every member we gain each year.

We have six core categories within our organization that all of our events adhere to:
discussion, service, speakers, socials, fundraisers, and mentoring. All members are offered opportunities to participate in events within each category to grow their knowledge and understanding of medical ethics and sense of community. 

We hold weekly meetings throughout the semester, most being discussion meetings. At these meetings, members engage in active discussion about relevant topics in medical ethics. Some popular topics from our past years include genetic editing, end of life care, physician assisted suicide, and the four pillars of medical ethics. This year, our discussion chair Tacker Patton is excited to bring a new format to these meetings, with the hope that they are more engaging and fun than they ever have been before! We can't wait to see what he has in store for us.
A very important aspect of our organization is service. Our service chair Zach Wight has secured many different and enriching service opportunities for our members to participate in, including Mission Waco, Caritas of Waco, and one-on-one Hospice. We strongly encourage member participation in service, not only because it helps the local Waco community but also because it helps our members grow spiritually. For more details on all of our specific service opportunities, visit our service page!
Intermittently we swap our weekly discussion meeting for a speaker meeting. These speakers, usually physicians or tenants in other aspects of the healthcare field, come and talk to our members about their experiences with medical ethics in their jobs. We enjoy giving our members the opportunity to listen to these speakers, because it gives real world application to the dilemmas we discuss in our other meetings. Our president Savannah Cruz and Vice President Aryn Ray have many interesting speakers lined up for this semester, and we are so excited to hear about their experiences!
Some of the most rewarding events we hold are our socials throughout the semester. We strive to create a sense of community within our organization and we really do think of ourselves as one big family! At these socials we chat and have fun, and try to give members a break from the hustle and bustle of college life. We've held socials at everyone's favorite coffeehouse, Common Grounds, at the Baylor bowling alley, as well as holiday socials like pumpkin carving and Thanksgiving dinner. This year, our member development chair, Kellen Pettus, has plans to make socials better than ever!
Mentoring is something new to our organization, and our member development chair Kellen Pettus plans to expand it greatly. Our veteran members (including officers) have valuable knowledge about the Baylor pre-health track experience, and we make that knowledge available to our newer members who don't know quite as much and are confused about what to do. Whether it's questions about your major, your classes, or just where to get the best tacos, you can reach out to your mentor for advice. 
Every few weeks throughout the semester, we hold fundraising events. These usually take place at popular local restaurants like Raising Cane's, Freddy's, or Chipotle. No fundraising events are required for members to attend (as it's money out of your own pocket!) but we strongly encourage participation because they not only help us contribute to our philanthropies but also put on fun events like socials and our Spring Banquet, and they also help cultivate the bonds we make with each other.